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Buying an extra home in Spain has been a tradition for many europeans for many years. Already in the 1970s there were several who bought, for example, in Benidorm. Of course, the climate is an important issue, for example, who does not want to swim in the ocean in October and November? In Torrevieja, on Costa Blanca, we also have about 320 days of sunshine a year. Murcia, located nearby, is also called Spain's garden with amazing fruits and vegetables at very reasonable prices. Due to the high demand for travel, there are several airlines that travel directly from different airports in northern Europe to Alicante.

There are different channels to find homes in Spain. The market looks a little different than in some other countries like Sweden, for example. The regulations and the law also look different. Here, several different sellers / brokers can market the same item, which may be a bit confusing at times. Real estate agents also have a very limited legal responsibility in Spain. Agreements and legal matters are handed over to a lawyer who is in charge of the procurement, access, retention process, etc. It is a safe way to buy through the system of notaries, which are the ones who make purchases and sales. The notarial checks the permissions, payments, capital origin (money laundering), property registers, energy declarations and other important documents. They play an important role in a secure acquisition and are appointed after a long education and qualification period.

We do not work as a broker. We buy and own our homes. We have a personal and emotional commitment to our houses as we only invest in objects that meet our criterias. The location is very important to us as well as layout, view and standard. We review all our acquisitions with an architect, plumbing technician, electrician and builders. Some of our homes we refurbish more and some less. We obtain the housing license by the architect who goes through the apartment and writes a certificate that the laws and regulations in Spain are met and sign such a document as the municipality requires this before accommodation is approved. This license is also required to connect water and electricity. We ask an electrician and a plumbing technician to go through and, if necessary, replace main valves, install modern fuses etc. Everything must work and the functions are tested. We install oven, cooker, fridge / freezer and extractor fan, as well as basic furniture like new beds, couch, dining table and chairs, fixed lights etc. To make it look nice we hang up some paintings and place some loose lamps etc. We have a nice collaboration with Mia Niemi on MJ Vision ( who is the artist behind some of the paintings which can be bought. The furniture is included in the purchase price if desired but other loose fixtures are not included. There is a specification for each home what is included in the price.

We always insure our acquisitions at well-known insurance companies in Spain. We work with registered craftsmen and professional advisors. We are happy to sell our homes directly through our own sales channels to keep costs down and give our customers the best value for their money

In order to assure the quality of the purchase process, we have identified important points that we consider to be keywords for a safe, smooth and accurate purchase. For the vast majority, buying a home abroad is a big deal. This means that it is important to get the right advice to create a safe purchase. We have worked with several lawyers and can give you advice if you want.

Read more about how a purchase is practically practical in our Buyguide

We look forward to a contact with you and to answer your questions and to show our nice homes.

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Per Johansson Perrault:
..have worked with real estate for 30 years. Has a background as engineer and MBA. Has worked with asset and property management, property development, property and company reconstructions and financing.

Anders Lind
..has a background as specialised technician within computerised controling systems, heating/cooling and different kind of ventilations systems.