We buy, develop and sell properties !

We only work with our own properties. We buy them from different sources and develop them. It is essential for us to only work with the properties we like ourselves. After the purchase we make detailed analyses of the property with regards to technical standards, all functions must be modern and work properly. Our properties are chosen specially and we are very active on a personal level to participate in the development of all our properties.

When we are ready we start the sales process.

Furthermore, we are working on the development of solar heating systems for heating swimming pools. In a place where there are statistically about 320 days of sunshine a year, this is logical, smart, environmentally friendly and provides an extremely cheap operating cost. We have several multi-plants (which supply houses with heating, hot water and pool) in operation for several years and are currently installing a test facility for only pool heating, after which we at the end of 2019 plan to be able to offer these systems for delivery and assembly.